Early Learners

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Early Learners

Age Range:
2 – 3 years
Areas of Learning:

Cognitive & Social Development

Potty Training


Love of Reading

Fostering Curiosity, Creativity, and a Love of Learning

Children at this age are brimming with energy, their minds reeling with wonder and curiosity. Our early learning curriculum makes the most of this ripe developmental period with a host of engaging activities — arts and crafts, rhyming, imaginative play, counting, and more — in the safe setting of a small classroom. During these fun, engaging activities and games, our attentive teachers encourage their young students to make independent choices and collaborate with peers.

Holistic Development

It’s amazing to see how quickly our little ones grow! By this time, they’ve already made enormous progress in terms of cognitive, physical, emotional, and social skills. Our program encourages continued development through a robust early learning curriculum, stimulating their minds as they learn to form thoughts, ask questions and make sense of the world. Our nurturing caretakers also encourage healthy habits in your child, such as expressing feelings and forming relationships with peers. We also engage your child’s fast-growing physical capabilities by providing a fun, supervised environment where he or she can move around freely and build motor skills.

How We Engage Your Blossoming Child

Q & A: It’s very likely that your child’s favorite words are currently “Why?” “What?” and “How?” Our knowledgeable teachers welcome and encourage this natural curiosity, engaging children with inquiries that build a strong knowledge base and teach language skills.

Love of Literacy: It’s never too early to plant a love of reading in your child. Benefits are countless, among them breeding familiarity with vocabulary, firing up their imagination and improving communication skills. That’s why our caregivers dedicate time daily to reading selections from our fun assortment of books with your child. Reflective conversations usually follow reading time, teaching your youngster critical thinking and language skills.

Learning Spanish: Familiarity with a second language not only breeds empathy and awareness of other cultures, but it also encourages children to develop a lifelong love of communication. That’s why we offer Spanish, arguably one of the most practical languages to know in the modern day, beginning in our Early Learners program. With vocabulary words, stories, and activities, this program lays the first foundations for your child to become a bilingual citizen of the world.

Secure, Accessible Classroom: Our classrooms are designed with our young students in mind. Shelves and desks sit low, so that children can reach toys and supplies, while bins and tubs are colorfully labeled. We make the world accessible for your child.

Growing Up Fit: Kids at this age are bursting with energy, their little bodies constantly running around and exploring. We’ve found it is very effective to reinforce a lifelong commitment to health and fitness through fun, engaging activities and exercises that bring joy to your child.

Preparation For Preschool

Over 80% of your child’s brain develops in the first three years of his or her life.[1] That’s why our early learning program goes beyond just preparing kids for preschool — we lay strong foundations of speech, socialization, cognitive abilities, creativity, and fitness to ensure success for the rest of their lives. Under the care of our enthusiastic teachers, our youngsters flourish with growing self-awareness and confidence.


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