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Age Range:
4 - 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Computers & Technology

Vocabulary Development

Academic Subjects

Spanish Language

The Confidence Needed For Kindergarten

Academic standards are undeniably rising for kindergarteners across the country. About two-thirds of kindergarten teachers now expect children to know the alphabet before entering, and unfortunately, many children enter unprepared. In fact, over 200,000 kids repeat kindergarten every year.[1] Mini-Skool’s pre-K program is designed to ensure that your child is confident and prepared with our research-based curriculum that advances literacy, vocabulary, math, problem solving, and fine motor skills. Your child won’t likely have trouble making friends in kindergarten either: Our knowledgeable instructors lead our students through individual and collaborative activities that serve to strengthen social skills.

The Impact of a Pre-K Education

Early development experts agree that pre-K learning has become just as important as kindergarten in predicting overall life and academic success. After all, not only do pre-K graduates score higher on math and reading tests than peers without equivalent education, they are more likely to graduate from high school and clock in higher earnings and achievements later in life.[2]

Our robust pre-K program engages our 4–year-olds in creative, theme-based activities that build their logic and language, while providing opportunities for positive social interactions for healthy socio-emotional development. We engage our budding pre-kindergarteners physically, too: their burgeoning motor skills and coordination are developed through dancing, painting, running obstacles, or playing games with peers.

Developmental Activities For Our Pre-K Students:

Mastering Skills: School readiness means much more than a basic knowledge of language and numbers. That’s why Mini-Skool’s comprehensive pre-K program challenges your child in daily routines that feature fun and stimulating math, science, social studies, literacy, and physical activities.

Fostering Confidence: Our pre-kindergarten program encourages your child to assert his or her newfound independence by investigating, exploring, and asking questions, beginning in the classroom. With every decision children make — about materials, equipment, or what-have-you — their confidence will soar alongside their appetite for learning.

Strengthening Vocabulary: We engage our Pre-K students with enriching activities and conversations aimed to build their oral vocabulary. Whether it’s a group conversation with peers or a one-on-one interaction with our teachers, children receive ample exposure to new vocabulary and are challenged to think critically.

Promoting Literacy: In our Pre-K classroom, students participate in interactive activities to increase phonological and print awareness, narrative skills, and letter knowledge. Steady exposure to new words and language expand our students’ writing skills and vocabulary, as evident on our fun classroom Word Wall.

Learning Spanish: Whether your child is forecasting the weather or cooking with classmates, he or she is encouraged to practice Spanish in all types of contexts. Having fun ensures higher retention of new vocabularies and facts.

Growing Up Fit: Our Pre-K program not only emphasizes fun-filled fitness but also teaches your child about making healthy nutrition choices. Interactive exercises and classroom cooking projects are a part of our students’ daily routine.

Developing Computer Skills: Our Pre-K curriculum familiarizes your child with computers through a series of fun activities and games involving language, literacy, math, and science. Select Mini-School Early Learning Centers offer Smart Board, a computerized white board that helps your child develop cognitive and fine motor skills.

A Well-Rounded Education

With over 200,000 kids repeating kindergarten every year, we want to ensure your child is academically — and socially — prepared for his or her entrance into primary education. Not only does our Pre-K program boast small class sizes, low child-to-staff ratios, and superb teachers with degrees in early child envelopment, we work with you as a team to create the most optimal environment for your little one.