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Age Range:
3 - 4 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Computers & Technology



Kids at this age are eager to interact with the world around them. Everything appears fascinating and holds a lesson of some sort. Our preschool program engages their natural curiosity with fun, stimulating activities that encourage healthy cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development. Our fun-oriented instructors lead your child through puppet play, storytelling, gardening, and other hands-on activities that will deepen his or her curiosity and love of learning.

A Quality Preschool Education Makes a Lifelong Impact

Your child’s experiences in these early years influence aptitude, attitude, and traits for years to come. Our research-backed preschool curriculum breeds both short-term and long-term cognitive, social-emotional, and physical benefits. While our secure, enriching environments foster fundamental cognitive growth, our nurturing teachers help children develop a healthy socio-emotional balance by attentively strengthening their bond and encouraging healthy communication.

Developmental Activities for Preschoolers

Our holistic approach to early childhood development:

  • Math, science, social studies, and literacy exercises for cognitive development
  • Cooperative play, verbal interactions, and group movement activities for socio-emotional development
  • Fitness routines and fun exercises for physical prowess

Confidence through Choices: At this age, children are learning about the power of making informed decisions, whether it’s choosing their favorite toy or solving problems. Our curriculum is designed to give your child options and provide opportunities for decisions. With each passing day, your preschooler will become more confident in his choices.

Conversation: Listening and speaking engages early cognitive development that is critical for a child’s ability to relate and communicate. Our diligent professionals engage children in conversation throughout the day, asking thoughtful questions to stimulate their thinking. With our research-based activities, your child’s vocabulary will undoubtedly expand.

Love of Literacy: An appreciation for reading and writing is beneficial all throughout life. That’s why our art, math, cooking, science, and physical activity programs all involve stories and books for optimal learning. We know that regularly exposing your little one to literature helps build a strong vocabulary and activates his or her imagination.

Learning Spanish: According to research, the first three to four years in a child’s life are optimal for introducing a second language.[1] Our instructors make learning fun and smooth for your young learner, incorporating Spanish words into songs, stories, games, and make-believe play. Our preschool curriculum introduces students to greetings, numbers, food, clothing, animals, and weather vocabulary.

Growing Up Fit: This is a time when children are hopping around like energy bunnies, testing their physical abilities and motor skills. Our preschool program not only emphasizes fun-filled fitness but also teaches your child about making healthy nutrition choices. Classroom cooking projects, supervised by our experienced instructors, are among our students’ favorite activities.

Computers and Other Technology: As technology becomes increasingly vital in our everyday life, our preschool program introduces your child to computers with fun activities and games involving language, literacy, math, and science. Select Mini-School Early Learning Centers offer Smart Board, a computerized white board that helps your child develop cognitive and fine motor skills.

A Lifelong Love of Learning

Studies show that 90% of a brain is developed by the time a child reaches the age of five.[2] That’s why we approach our program with a holistic perspective, introducing our students to various activities that foster their cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical well being. Plus, we at Mini-Skool pride ourselves on working closely with parents and families to provide the environment and conditions for your child to thrive. We consider this partnership to be instrumental in the success of your child’s formative years.