Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

Age Range:
5 - 12 years
Areas of Learning:

Science & Nature

Communication Skills,

Physical Education

Academic Reinforcement

Friendship & Socialization

A Time For Some Fun in the Sun

Mini-Skool’s summer camp offers brand new adventures and fun memories that outlast the summer. With plenty of action and exploration, our kids have a blast while fostering new skills and engaging in subjects like reading, math, and science. By the time the school year rolls around, your child will not only be prepared for the next grade but also be in the highest spirits with stories of adventure to share with her friends.

Our Summer Camp Keeps Your Child Active

Fun with Fitness: Children get ample time in supervised indoor and outdoor facilities, playing group games and activities beneficial to their physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional abilities.

Active Minds: We keep the bodies moving and the minds stimulated. Through fun, hands-on activities that sharpen math, science, and reading comprehension skills, your child will enjoy the challenges. Reading is constantly encouraged through individual assignments and group projects.

Adventures in Nature: These summer months are an opportunity for your child to learn outside the classroom. It’s a time to quench and feed their curiosity about the greatest phenomenon to exist: our natural world.

Friends & Community: At summer camp, we encourage cooperation, communication, and care among our students. With exciting group activities, your child is very likely to bring home unforgettable memories with new friends.

Healthy Habits: Throughout the day, we offer nutritional, balanced meals and snacks while also involving your child in easy, interactive cooking classes.

Extended and Flexible Schedules: While summer vacation is an exciting time for our youngsters, most working parents are not afforded the same luxury. That’s why Mini-Skool provides extended and flexible summer camp hours for your child.

Let the Kids Soak in the Sun and Sharpen Their Minds

Our summer camp at Mini-Skool is designed to prepare your child for the next academic grade while providing a safe platform for exploration, adventure, and new friends. Research proves its effectiveness: Children who attend summer programs typically show better academic performance in the new year. Summer learning experiences can even influence a child’s chances of earning a high school diploma and attending college.[1] Summer couldn’t be better at Mini-Skool Early Learning Centers!



*Programs and activities may vary by school and may be subject to change without notice. Please contact your local school for additional information on school-specific programs and activities.