Toddler Care

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Toddler Care

Age Range:
1 - 2 years
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Social & Creative Development

Language Development

Independence & Fitness

Potty Training

Safe Exploration and Fun Learning

Studies show that stimulating cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical growth from an early age increases the likelihood for a successful, healthy life. That’s why we at Mini-Skool emphasize fun and adventure in our infant care curriculum to keep your child engaged. Through our research-based program that includes art, movement, music, reading, and active outdoor playtime, our young students feel empowered to learn and explore in a safe and fun manner.

A Toddler’s Brain

At this age, the brain is ripe for development through new stimuli, forming trillions of brain-cell connections in these first years alone.[1] That’s why our curriculum engages early cognitive skills such as hiding objects, poking at picture books, and naming every day items. We make your child feel safe, secure, and focused by providing a predictable environment, responsive caregivers, and interactive communication. Our toddler care program also engages kids’ socio-emotional development by teaching them how to manage their emotions, and understand their feelings as well as those of others.

Wholesome Development For Your Toddler

Discovery Time: Your child is eager to explore and learn through discovery. With a wide selection of props, costumes, arts-and-crafts materials, puzzles, and age-appropriate games, we at Mini-Skool encourage your toddler to get those neurons connecting and creative juices flowing.

Early Learning: This is the best time to introduce your child to new information. Through our theme-based toddler daycare curriculum, our enthusiastic teachers lead our young students in activities involving language, colors, shapes, and critical thinking skills.

Talk the Talk: Our instructors encourage your little one to talk, talk, talk! Studies show that exposure to language and participation in conversation during this formative period benefit advancing thinking processes, reading comprehension, and healthy socialization. As your child builds his vocabulary, his or her confidence will grow as well.

Baby Signs®: Your child is learning to speak, but our caregivers also employ Baby Signs®, a natural sign language program for hearing children that makes communication easier. Most importantly, it allows a safe outlet for emotions or feelings they are yet unable to articulate.

Socialization: Feeling comfortable and confident with peers is essential to a healthy socio-emotional state. As your toddler naturally becomes more open and aware of both strangers and friends, we encourage fun interactions with group songs, finger play, stories, and movement exercises.

Growing Independence: Your little one is now eager to express his or her independence. Our enthusiastic caregivers encourage children to practice self-help skills, such as washing hands, picking up toys, getting dressed, and sharing with others. Their confidence skyrockets as they realize just how capable they are.

Fun With Fitness: Dancing, frolicking, waltzing — all fun forms of movement are welcome at Mini-Skool Early Learning Center. Our collection of engaging physical activities not only leaves your child laughing but also support healthy development of motor skills.

Potty Training: Our toddler programs help make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your child. We understand every child weans off diapers at his or her own pace; our job is to provide a supportive, encouraging environment.

Keeping Your Child Engaged

At Mini-Skool, fun and laughter is the hallmark of our infant care program. Active play promotes learning and retention, constantly creating new neural connections. Our research-based curriculum prioritizes stimulating cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical growth during this essential period of learning.